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GMT -11 Award winners: via_ostiense and hardboiledbaby!

The GMT -11 Award goes to the participant who posted last during the 'thon. Because we have two communities, we have two awards! Over at DW our winner is via_ostiense, and here at LJ it's hardboiledbaby! Congratulations to our two time crunchers!

For via_ostiense:

made by lunate8

made by carol

Dancing Lessons
written by Philomytha (AO3)
read by clairshadows
Vorkosigan Saga; Alys Vorpatril/Simon Illyan
29:11 | mp3 (28 MB) | m4b (28 MB)

For hardboiledbaby

made by lunate8

made by carol

Dark Horse
written by hardboiledbaby
read by cantarina1
Nero Wolfe; gen
20:29 | mp3 (12.3 MB) | m4b (10.3 MB)
Tags: archived, fandom:nero wolfe, fandom:vorkosigan saga, gifts:prizes, post:mod, reader:cantarina1, reader:clairshadows
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