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Two podfics!

Title: Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too
Author: astolat
Reader: applegeuse
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: adult, explicit
Author’s Summary: "Yeah, you boys nailed that trickster real good," Bobby said, dry as dust.
File Type: mp3
File Size and Length:
     with music: (16.9 MB || 00:29:28)
     without music: (16.5 MB || 00:28:46)
Download Links: at mediafire—with music, without music
2/29/12: While the archive is down, you can download the mp3s here: (right click & save as) with music, without music
Both mp3 versions are now up at the archive here.
Reader’s Notes:
           1. I recorded this for the multipodicity challenge. You can check out recordings of this same fic by weimar27 and fishpatrol
           2. I decided to provide download links for two versions, one with music and one without. While I’m pretty sure the song referred to in the fic is Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon,” the fic doesn’t actually make it explicit. But it does strongly seem like a song the Trickster would find hilarious. XD In any case, I only used a teensy weensy little clip, but have your pick.

(version with music)

Title: A Little Dust Never Stopped Me None
Author: likewinning
Reader: applegeuse
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: always-a-girl!Dean/Ruby1.0
Rating: R
Author’s Summary: Set during season three. Dee tastes like whiskey and cigarettes, like strawberry lipgloss and someone’s last breath.
File Type, Size, and Length: mp3 || 13.6 MB || 00:23:40
Download link: mediafire
2/29/12: While the archive is down, you can download the mp3 here (right click & save as).
Reader’s Note: I recorded this for multipodicity. You can check our weimar27’s recording of the same fic here.


As always, feedback and concrit are very much appreciated. If you happen to listen to both of these podfics, I’d love it if you’d let me know if there was a quality difference: I recorded the first in my usual spot (the basement) and the second in the living room, and I’d like to know if you think the second sounds less echo-y than the first.
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Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:applegeuse
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