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Whisky & Lemon Award winner: reena_jenkins!

The Whisky & Lemon Award goes to the person who posted the most cumulative minutes of podfic to the challenge. This year's winner is reena_jenkins, who topped out at a whopping 51 hours, 54 minutes and 48 seconds!!

I bet you're regretting those 5m12s that you could have recorded to make it a nice even 52 hours, right Reena? JOKES. ::ducks tomatoes::

For reena_jenkins!

made by Carol

made by cybel

What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation
written by roga
read by anatsuno
House/SGA x-over; gen
43:02 | mp3 (31.1 MB) | m4b (16.6 MB)
Tags: archived, fandom:house, fandom:stargate atlantis, gifts:prizes, post:mod, reader:anatsuno
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