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A Beauty Desired [an SPN/CW RPF femslash podfic anthology]

A Beauty Desired [an SPN/CW RPF femslash podfic anthology]

Fifteen SPN RPF femslash stories ranging from eight to forty-one minutes, and rated PG to NC-17. Starring Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, Adrianne Palicki, Katie Cassidy and Sophia Bush, among others. Total time - 5:08:52

Read by exmanhater, with stories by: annundriel, bertee, cherie_morte, goingtoqueens, lazy_daze, obstinatrix, poor_choices, [personal profile] scintilla10, and strangeallure

Note: Please forgive me the obviousness of using a line from a Sappho poem for the title of this anthology – it just seemed to fit, and once the idea took hold, I couldn't shake it. If you'd like just one or two of the stories without having to download the zipped folder of the whole anthology, leave a comment here letting me know which one(s) and I will happily upload the individual MP3s for you!

Temporary download links: m4b, 149 MB | mp3, zipped, 164 MB (sendspace)

Permanent download links: mp3, 164 MB | m4b, 149 MB

For a full track listing, cover art, and links to the text version of the stories, see beneath the cut.

1. Coming Right Up by poor_choices | Danneel/Sophia (with a side of Jared/Jensen) | PG | 13:49
Summary: In which Sophia is a frazzled waitress, and Danneel is a hot nanny.

2. Lately I've Been Dreaming by [personal profile] scintilla10 | Genevieve/Adrianne | general audiences | 18:44
Summary: Summer camp AU. Genevieve has a crush on fellow counsellor Adrianne. Adrianne needs a fake girlfriend for a night. Shenanigans!

3. When I Call on the Telephone by poor_choices | Genevieve/Adrianne | PG-13 | 13:36
Summary: Criminal Minds AU. Gen is the most awesome FBI tech analyst of all time, and Adrianne is her favorite.

4. moving in the same circles by bertee | Danneel/Genevieve, minor Jared/Jensen | PG-13 | 10:18
Summary: In which Danneel has unusual company and is looking for a date.

5. You’re a Breath of Fresh Air to Me by strangeallure | Genevieve/Adrianne | R | 23:12
Summary: Genevieve likes her life as it is: predictable, organized and safe. Her new neighbor, Adrianne, seems to like hers just the opposite: a little disorganized, spontaneous and in-the-moment. And somehow, getting to know Adrianne makes Genevieve want to take a chance and try something new.

6. imposters in this country by goingtoqueens Genevieve/Adrianne | no rating given (reader's rating: soft R) | 24:43
Summary: She isn't really sure why she says yes, but she blames it on the way Adrianne looks in the half-light from the moon and the little spark inside her chest that lights up every time Adrianne touches her.

7. No one else can see the spark by lazy_daze | Genevieve/Adrianne | NC-17 | 28:28
Summary: Written for the spn/cw rpf femslash and het fic meme to cherie_morte's prompt: Adrianne/Genevieve, wrap party.

8. Thighs to Thighs by annundriel | Adrianne/Danneel | NC-17 | 8:30
Summary: A playful evening in.

9. A Fine Job of Bending All the Rules + the sequels by poor_choices | Genevieve/Adrianne | PG-13 - NC-17 | 41:41
Summary: In theory, one-in-twenty girls are alphas. But Gen's never met one before.

10. How to Woo a Librarian by [personal profile] scintilla10 | Danneel/Genevieve | adult | 27:24
Summary: Genevieve is a shy librarian. Danneel comes into the library an awful lot.

11. Seeking Fuckbuddy, No Experience Required by poor_choices | Adrianne/Danneel | NC-17 | 17:32
Summary: Adrianne realizes she's gay, and then realizes she's not very good at it.

12. Have Mercy by cherie_morte | Danneel/Genevieve, implied Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | 14:28
Summary: Wildwest AU: Danneel is the gun-slinging cowgirl terror of the town, Genevieve is her saloon girl. And then there's porn.

13. darling it's better down where it's wetter by bertee | Adrianne/Genevieve, minor Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | 24:00
Summary: In which Genevieve gets caught in the rain and Adrianne is more than okay with that.

14. what's my motivation? by obstinatrix | Katie Cassidy/Genevieve Cortese | NC-17 | 8:07
Summary: It only takes six tequila shooters apiece for them to realise that, obviously, Ruby is a lesbian.

15. Crazy Lesbian Sex 101 by cherie_morte | Adrianne/Genevieve (primarily), girl!Jared/girl!Jensen, Sandy/Sophia; also Sandy/Genevieve, Sophia/Genevieve, Danneel/Genevieve, voyeur!Alona | NC-17 | 34:20
Summary: Adrianne has the incredible luck of dating a girl who is, very literally, up for anything. When they find out their new freshman buddy Alona is a virgin, Adrianne has no problem lending Genevieve to the cause of her sexual education.

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