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Words For Snow SPN Sam/Dean

Words For Snow

Written By: wanttobeatree
Read By: blackbyrdy
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Length: 34:33.00
"Dean’s standing in line, staring real hard at a jar filled with glittery pens with feathers on the end – because, seriously, what the fuck – when he spots the keychain out of the corner of his eye."

Authors Note:  "The ‘Eskimo language’ has one hundred words for snow. One hundred ways to communicate this one thing, to communicate all the different aspects of this one thing. 
Obviously, the one thing Sam and Dean can say in one hundred different ways is love."

Readers Note: This being my very first attempt at podbook making. I now, need to recover from squinting at the screen for  two solid hours.

Podbook: HERE

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