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2 Fics - SPN, and SPN/House of Wax crossover

Title:  Everybody Has One
Author:  Liannabob
Fandom:  House of Wax (2005)/ Supernatural crossover.   Stanford-era.
Pairings:  None
Warnings:  Violence, language
Length:  30:16
Mp3 at Mediafire, download link:  Here
Summary:   "Sam's away at college, Dad's not answering his calls.  Dean picks up a case in Ambrose, Louisiana and ends up wishing he hadn't." 

Title:  Entanglement
Author:  Rivkat
Fandom:  Supenatural.  Post 5.22 AU fic set in early season six.
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Warnings:  Sex, violence
Length: 19:23
Mp3 at Mediafire, download link:  Here
Summary:  "What if Dean had thrown himself into the pit with Sam?"
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:liannabob, small fandom:movies & tv movies
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