cybel (cybel) wrote in amplificathon,

Avengers tagging change heads up

Hi, guys!

Due to the interconnected nature of the Marvel movies, and with future movies involving the same and different characters inevitable, I've decided to combine the already existing movieverse tags (avengers, thor, captain america, and iron man) into one tag: avengers & related marvel movies.

Another factor in the decision to do this now rather than later is that LJ, unlike DW, does not allow merging of tags, so each post must be changed manually, making it only sensible to create the umbrella tag now rather waiting until many more entries would be involved.

Of course, the old marvel tag also remains to cover the comics and non-movie Marvel fandoms or cases when the movies and comics overlap. :-)

Remember, too, that specific fandoms under the umbrella tag can be searched for in the Audiofic Archive if you find the need.
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