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PODFIC: Let's Pretend The War Is Over [H/D]

Originally posted by leemarchais at PODFIC: Let's Pretend The War Is Over [H/D]
Part one of a double-header. :)

Title: Let’s Pretend The War Is Over
Author: pir8fancier
Artist: oldenuf2nb - many thanks for your permission to use this artwork. You’re a star. ♥
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Beta: The incredible fire_juggler
Length: ~57:00/~46MB
Notes: Now, I know the brilliant raitala did a read of this once and I’m not her by any stretch of the imagination, but a friend – very dear to me – suggested this would be a good story to podfic, so I asked, and was granted permission to podfic it. Thank you, pir8fancier, for allowing me to read this and for giving us such a wonderful story. I’d never had the privilege of reading it and this allowed me an opportunity to do so.

Story Text | Download MP3 ~46MB/Alternate Download | Audio Book Edition ~63MB

Tags: archived, fandom:harry potter, reader:leemarchais
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