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PODFIC: Plums by Frayach [H/D]

Originally posted by leemarchais at PODFIC: Plums by Frayach [H/D]
Title: Plums
Author: frayach
Pairing: Harry/Draco or Draco/Harry
Summary: The Master and his slave have “been together” for 10 years. They need their “relationship” like they need the air they breathe.
Warnings: vomit-play, extreme anal fetish, medical instrument fetish, spanking and allusions to water sports and enemas – please, I am not playing around with these warnings

For more thorough information, click the story text to go to the kinkfest here

Read by: leemarchais
Beta: teas_me
Length: ~47:00 (39MB)
Reader's note: I read this as Draco being The Master and Harry being the slave. It was just how it clicked for me as I saw the scenes in the Ministry versus play time. To me, there were a lot of things to indicate Draco as The Master. :)

Many thanks to frayach for letting me read this. I had a blast, even with such kinky stuff. :D

Story Text | Download MP3 (39MB) /Alternate Download | Download Audiobook (mb4 52MB)

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