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Loop - Adam Lambert/Freddie Mercury/Doctor Who Crossover


Title: Loop
Author and Coverartist: creepylicious
Reader: l_niania
Fandom: Adam Lambert/Queen/Doctor Who crossover
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Freddie Mercury
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentionings of death
Summary: The one where the Doctor takes Adam for a ride to meet Freddie Mercury because Freddie needs Adam to become the great Freddie Mercury who Adam grew up with to become the great Adam Lambert who Freddie needed. You know, with the doctor time isn't a strict progression from cause to effect but more like wibbly-wobbly time-y wimey... stuff.
File Length, Size, & Type: 38:39 min, 35 MB (mp3) and 19 MB (m4b)
Download Link and Streaming: at my Journal or on AO3
Notes: This fic was written and recorded for pod_together 2012. The podfic files you can download contain a different coverart, so if you like the pic above you need to save it as well. I love both covers!
Tags: archived, fandom:doctor who, reader:l_niania, small fandom:rpf
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