verymilkytea (verymilkytea) wrote in amplificathon,

Untitled Tony/Loki smut by stereobone read by verymilkytea

 Title: Untitled 
Author: stereobone
Reader: verymilkytea
Pairing: Tony/Loki
Rating: NC-17
Text: here (NSFW ART in the link too - it is gorgeous)
Length: 8 minutes, about 8 MB
Download Link: here or copypaste

Reader Notes: Stereobone didn't title this little glorious snippet of smut, but in my head it's called "The one where Tony rims Loki". My voice was hoarse when I recorded this, so I sound a little rougher than usual, but let's all pretend that it works for the vibe of the fic. 
Tags: fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:verymilkytea
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