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Hockey RPS: Not a Heart of Gold

Title: Not a Heart of Gold
Author: queeniegalore
Reader: anna_unfolding
Fandom: hockey rpf
Pairing: Jonathon Toews/Patrick Kane
Rating: Adult, for graphic sex
Length: 1:28:48
Author’s tags: slight d/s, kind of not really prostitution, boys being idiots
Author’s summary: For the longest time this fic was unofficially titled 'Kaner's not a hooker but Tazer probably wants him to be', and I really can't think of a better way to summarize it than that. Many words of Tazer fantasizing, pining, jerking off, and paying for sex, because that's apparently how he rolls.

Find mp3 and m4b links at my journals: DW|LJ
Tags: fandom:sports figures rpf, reader:anna_unfolding
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