the slashy side of me ... (greedy_dancer) wrote in amplificathon,
the slashy side of me ...

Info: avengers-2k welcomes podfic

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let people who're recording in Avengers that I contacted the mods at avengers_2k and they confirmed that podfic was welcome at the comm. The community is dedicated to movie-verse fanworks and welcomes het, gen and slash. There is now a "media:podfic" tag we can use to post there.

(I'm not affiliated with the comm, I just thought others might appreciate knowing there's general Avengers community we can cross-post to. marvel_slash also welcomes podfic, but it's, you know, for slash, and I don't really know much about pairing-specific communities.)

(Mods, I tagged as best I can but feel free to edit!)
Tags: fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, info:community & other promos
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