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Podfic: Attached (Prince of Tennis, Ooishi/Eiji)

Fanfic Title: Attached
Fanfic Author: The Hoyden (thehoyden)
Read by: Twilight (twilight_angel)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Ooishi/Eiji
Rating: PG
Format: mp3
Length: 12:19 minutes (14.1 MB)
Link to Fanfic: Read the text here.
Summary: Oishi wakes up to one very sad fish.
Point value: 5 (given) + 1 (reader status) + 5 (recording length) + 5 (unrepresented fandom) + 5 (unrepresented pairing) = 21 points

Sendspace link: Here. (temporary)
Permanent link: Courtesy of general_jinjur, here. Thanks!

Please enjoy!

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Tags: archived, reader:twilight, small fandom:anime/manga/manhwa
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