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slack podmod is slack!

and lacking in the cheerleading department lately, for which: profound apologies! but i hope to make up for it in this post, by using a ridiculously! large! number! of! exclamation marks!

or maybe not. :D

in any case, a few announcements:

1) you are all awesome. wow, seriously. awesome. so many fandoms! so much great podfic!

2) so the audiofic archive now has podfic in four languages. FOUR LANGUAGES. count 'em: english, german, spanish, finnish. how cool is that? we here at the amplificathon are, as we have previously stated, all about fannish diversity, and the result is that we are pretty much over the moon about that. anyway. we welcome non-english language podfic posts to the community! we may be very easy to convince in the matter of giving bonus points for such! all languages! all fandoms! all fans! \o/

2a) shout out to the spanish language podfic community, audio_slash, and the german language podfic community, hoerbuecher. <3 <3 <3

3) and since your podmod has been reading some interesting meta on the different definitions of fanworks in different parts of fandom, and this has come up: the amplificathon does, in fact, welcome recordings of original fic. points during the challenge will be the same as for any other unrepresented fandom. however, original fic is outside the scope of the archive, so those files won't be mirrored there. but that's no reason not to post it here and share your recording with us!

okay, that's what i've got! go team amplificathon go!!!
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