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fandom/pairing points 2010

fandom points:

  • well-archived fandoms - 1 point awarded
    • this includes the top three fandoms in the archive only. they are (still) due south, stargate: atlantis, and supernatural.

  • less represented archived fandoms - 3 points awarded
    • any fandom that has stories in the archive as of 3/27/10 earns three points. the list of fandoms is behind the cut at the bottom of this post.

  • unrepresented fandoms - 5 points awarded
    • if there isn't a story in the archive already for the fandom you recorded in (or there wasn't when the list was generated), you get five points! yay!

pairing points (we're calling gen a pairing, as well any romantic groupings.):
  • well-represented pairings - 1 point awarded
    • there are only three of these this year: mckay/sheppard, fraser/kowalski, and sam/dean.

  • less-represented archived pairings - 3 points awarded
    • that's everything else! if a fandom is starred (like so: **), then there is gen archived in that fandom.

  • unrepresented pairings - 5 pts
    • includes gen in any fandom that is not starred and any slash or ship grouping that is not on the list as it stood as of 3/28/09.

how do i do this math?

  • an sg:a mckay/sheppard story would earn 2 points total. one for fandom, one for pairing.
  • an sg:a lorne/parrish story would earn 4 points total. one for fandom, three for pairing.
  • an sg:a ford/sheppard story would earn 6 points. one for fandom, five for pairing.
  • a leverage gen story would earn ten points. five for fandom, five for pairing.
  • an sg:a/leverage john sheppard/eliot spencer story would earn eleven points. one for sg:a, five for leverage, five for pairing. surely this story has already been written.
  • a leverage/how i met your mother sophie devereaux/barney stinson story would earn fifteen points. five for each fandom, five for pairing. i am endlessly amused at the thought of this story, but i don't think it exists.

yes, this privileges crossovers. we don't think that's a problem. the more, the merrier! we are trusting people to get the difference between a crossover and a fusion - none of the challenge mods are going to read/listen to everything to figure it out. if a fusion involves major world-elements (for example, trinityofone's dæmonology universe), you can count it like a crossover. if a story is only borrowing plot or minor elements from a second source, then not so much. when in doubt, guess. and ask your friends. and trust your own judgement. :)

six degrees-type fandoms and rpf fandoms count separately from the fandom they are associated with.

anime/manga/manhwa fandoms

  • bleach**
  • death note**
  • demon diary
  • detective conan
  • finder no hyouteki (viewfinder)
  • from eroica with love
  • fruits basket**
  • fullmetal alchemist
  • gankutsuou
  • gokusen
  • gundam wing**
  • hetalia: axis powers
  • honeydew syndrome
  • katekyo hitman reborn!
  • kuroshitsuji**
  • last exile
  • magic kaito
  • majin tantei nougami neuro
  • naruto**
  • oh my goddess**
  • one piece**
  • ouran high school host club**
  • pretty guardian sailor moon**
  • prince of tennis
  • princess tutu**
  • ranma 1/2**
  • revolutionary girl utena
  • saiyuki
  • samurai champloo
  • tactics
  • tokyo babylon
  • weiß kreuz
  • x/1999
  • xxxholic**
  • yuyu hakusho

    comics fandoms
  • 1602**
  • calvin & hobbes
  • dc universe
  • foxtrot
  • johnny the homicidal maniac**
  • justice league universe**
  • love & rockets**
  • marvel universe**
  • sandman**
  • superman**
  • umbrella academy**
  • x-men (comic)**

gaming fandoms

  • final fantasy games

    • final fantasy vii**
    • final fantasy viii
    • final fantasy x**

  • gyakuten saiban**
  • kingdom hearts ii
  • mario bros**
  • metal gear solid**

literature/writer fandoms

  • american gods**
  • artemis fowl**
  • arthurian legend**
  • badger song**
  • bartimaeus trilogy
  • belgariad**
  • blue castle
  • bridget jones' diary
  • brokeback mountain
  • chrestomanci**
  • chronicles of narnia**
  • dark tower**
  • devil wears prada
  • discworld**
  • dresden files
  • dune**
  • earthsea**
  • ella enchanted**
  • epic of gilgamesh
  • fahrenheit 451
  • good omens**
  • greek mythology
  • harry potter**
  • his dark materials**
  • hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
  • horatio hornblower**
  • inheritance cycle
  • island
  • i want to go home
  • left hand of darkness
  • lord of the rings**
  • lord peter wimsey**
  • lymond chronicles**
  • macdonald hall
  • master and commander
  • nero wolfe**
  • paddington bear**
  • persian boy**
  • peter pan
  • secret of the unicorn queen**
  • series of unfortunate events**
  • shaara's civil war trilogy**
  • sherlock holmes**
  • silmarillion**
  • snow white**
  • tales of the city
  • temeraire**
  • the sparrow**
  • thursday next**
  • traditional fairy tales
  • twilight
  • vorkosigan saga**
  • watership down**
  • winnie the pooh**
  • wodehouse**

meta fandoms

  • anthropomorfic

movie fandoms

  • ace ventura**
  • addams family**
  • batman franchise
  • bend it like beckham
  • boa vs python
  • bond franchise
  • boondock saints
  • breakfast club
  • buried on sunday
  • dead poets society
  • devour
  • die hard franchise
  • dog's breakfast
  • driven
  • edward scissorhands**
  • faculty**
  • for those who hunt the wounded down**
  • four brothers
  • ground control
  • hard core logo**
  • high school musical**
  • hot fuzz
  • iron man (movie)**
  • knight's tale**
  • labyrinth
  • la confidential
  • little miss sunshine
  • live free or die hard**
  • matrix**
  • maurice
  • men with guns
  • mirrormask
  • mr and mrs smith
  • my best friend is a vampire
  • neverending story**
  • pirates of the caribbean**
  • princess bride**
  • silent hill 4**
  • spiderman (movies)
  • star trek reboot**
  • star wars**
  • superman returns**
  • swing kids
  • tape
  • teenage mutant ninja turtles (movies)
  • thoughtcrimes
  • transformers
  • velvet goldmine
  • wilby wonderful**
  • x-men (movies)

rpf fandoms

  • fandom rpf
  • historical event rpf**

    • shackleton expedition
    • us politics

  • music fandoms

    • bandom**

      • cobra starship
      • fall out boy
      • my chemical romance
      • panic at the disco
      • tokio hotel

    • disney music
    • j-pop & k-pop

      • lead
      • tvxq

    • popslash**

      • 'n sync
      • backstreet boys

  • sports

    • major league baseball

  • tv & film industry

    • american idol rpf**
    • canadian actor rpf
    • cw rpf**
    • ghost hunters rpf
    • jossverse rpf
    • merlin rpf
    • mythbusters
    • stargate: atlantis rpf
    • star trek reboot rpf
    • supernatural rpf**
    • lotr rpf
    • stargate sg1 rpf

television fandoms

  • 30 rock**
  • 4400
  • absolute power
  • alias
  • alias smith & jones
  • angel the series**
  • arrested development**
  • babylon 5
  • band of brothers
  • battlestar galactica (2004)**
  • being human
  • big bang theory**
  • black books**
  • blake's 7
  • bones**
  • buffy the vampire slayer**
  • burn notice
  • chuck
  • criminal minds**
  • csi**
  • csi: miami
  • dark angel**
  • dawson's creek
  • dead like me**
  • doctor who**
  • drake & josh**
  • due south**
  • entourage
  • er
  • eureka**
  • everwood
  • farscape
  • firefly**
  • first monday
  • flashpoint**
  • friday night lights
  • fringe
  • gilmore girls**
  • green wing**
  • grey's anatomy**
  • heroes**
  • highlander**
  • homicide
  • house**
  • how i met your mother**
  • jekyll**
  • joan of arcadia**
  • kingdom (itv)**
  • kingdom hospital
  • kitchen confidential
  • knight rider
  • law & order franchise

    • law & order**
    • law & order: criminal intent**

  • legends of the hidden temple
  • leverage
  • life
  • life on mars (uk)
  • little britain
  • lois & clark**
  • lost**
  • m*a*s*h**
  • magnificent 7**
  • man from u.n.c.l.e.**
  • mathnet**
  • merlin (bbc)**
  • middleman**
  • monk
  • ncis**
  • news radio
  • night court
  • nip/tuck
  • northern exposure**
  • numb3rs**
  • oc
  • office (us)
  • outsiders**
  • power rangers: spd**
  • power rangers r.p.m.
  • private practice
  • professionals
  • profit**
  • psych**
  • pushing daisies**
  • queer as folk (us)
  • rome
  • sapphire and steel**
  • sarah connor chronicles**
  • scrubs
  • sentinel
  • skins
  • slings and arrows**
  • smallville**
  • sons of anarchy
  • spaced
  • sports night**
  • standoff
  • stargate franchise

    • stargate: atlantis**
    • stargate sg1**

  • starsky & hutch
  • star trek franchise

    • star trek: ds9**
    • star trek: enterprise**
    • star trek: the next generation
    • star trek: tos**

  • static shock**
  • studio 60**
  • supernatural**
  • tin man
  • top gear**
  • torchwood**
  • twin peaks
  • twitch city
  • vampire high**
  • veronica mars**
  • west wing
  • white collar**
  • without a trace**
  • wonderfalls**
  • xena: warrior princess**
  • x files**
  • young macgyver

television fandoms - animation

  • avatar: the last airbender
  • transformers**

theatre/stage fandoms

  • copenhagen
  • eddie issard stand-up
  • rent
  • shakespeare plays

    • much ado about nothing
    • romeo and juliet
    • twelfth night

o aang/katara
o aaron carter/jc chasez
o aaron hotchner/spencer reid
o abby sciuto/jenny shepard
o abby sciuto/kate todd
o adam lambert/tommy ratliff
o adrian monk/leland stottlemeyer
o akito sohma/kureno sohma
o alec hardison/eliot spencer
o alec hardison/parker
o alec hardison/parker/eliot spencer
o alec mcdowell/ames white
o alec mcdowell/sam
o alex karev/george o'malley
o alex krycek/fox mulder
o algy/jack harkness
o alice cullen/jasper hale
o alice cullen/rosalie hale
o allison cameron/gregory house
o allison cameron/lisa cuddy
o allison cameron/lisa cuddy/eric foreman
o allison cameron/robert chase
o allison hargreeves (the rumor)/klaus hargreeves (the séance)
o alma del mar/ennis del mar
o andy bernard/kelly kapoor
o andy bernard/oscar martinez
o andy davidson/ianto jones
o andy davidson/jack harkness
o angel/drusilla/spike
o angel/spike
o angel/wesley wyndam-price
o annie cartwright/gene hunt
o anya/rupert giles
o anybody/everybody, sg:a
o arek of estre/therem harth rem ir estraven
o ares/xena
o ari gold/mrs ari gold/eric murphy
o arisugawa juri/takatsuki shiori
o asami/takaba
o atlantis/john sheppard
o axel/roxas
o aya fujimiya/yohji kudou
o aziraphale/crowley
o barney snaith/valancy stirling
o bartimaeus/nathaniel
o bartimaeus/ptolemy
o beauty/beast
o ben/jake grey
o ben bruckner/michael novotny
o ben saunders/april skouris
o ben saunders/diana skouris
o benton fraser/mark smithbauer
o benton fraser/meg thatcher
o benton fraser/ofc
o benton fraser/omc
o benton fraser/ray kowalski
o benton fraser/ray kowalski/ray vecchio
o benton fraser/ray vecchio
o benton fraser/victoria metcalf
o beth baerly/gob bluth
o bill kaulitz/omc
o bj hunnicutt/hawkeye pierce
o bj hunnicutt/peg hunnicutt
o blair sandburg/womack
o bob/harry dresden
o bob bryar/frank iero
o bob bryar/joe trohman
o bobby crosby/rich harden
o bobby drake (iceman)/remy lebeau (gambit)
o bobby drake (iceman)/rogue
o bobby mercer/jack mercer
o boone carlyle/john locke
o brad crawford/hidaka ken
o bradley james/calum macleod
o bradley james/colin morgan
o brendan dean/emmett
o brendan dean/vincent
o brendon urie/jon walker
o brian hawkins/michael 'mouse' tolliver
o brian kinney/justin taylor
o brian slade/curt wild
o bright abbott/ephram brown
o buddy french/duck macdonald
o buffy summers/spike
o buffy summers/wesley wyndam-price
o burton 'gus' guster/shawn spencer
o calvin/jason fox
o cameron mitchell/john sheppard
o cameron mitchell/teal'c
o carla espinosa/christopher turk
o caroline fraser/robert fraser
o carolyn barek/alex eames
o carson beckett/elizabeth weir
o carson beckett/john sheppard
o carson beckett/laura cadman
o carson beckett/rodney mckay
o carson beckett/rodney mckay/radek zelenka
o casey connor/zeke tyler
o casey mccall/dan rydell
o caspian x/edmund pevensie
o caspian x/edmund pevensie/peter pevensie
o caspian x/peter pevensie
o cassie robinson/dean winchester
o castiel/dean smith
o castiel/dean winchester
o castiel/lucifer
o castiel/sam winchester
o cedric diggory/ginny weasley
o chad danforth/ryan evans
o chang wufei/omc
o charles/jay
o charles gunn/wesley wyndam-pryce
o charles parker/lord peter wimsey
o charlie crews/matt flannery
o charlie eppes/don eppes
o charlotte 'chuck' charles/ned
o cheese/jack harkness
o chiana/john crichton
o chris kirkpatrick/kevin richardson
o chris pine/zachary quinto
o chuck bartowski/bryce larkin
o chuck bartowski/john casey
o cid highwind/vincent valentine
o claire bennet/peter petrelli
o clark kent (superman)/lex luthor
o clark kent (superman)/lois lane
o clark kent (superman)/peter parker (spider-man)
o claudia black/ben browder
o comma/period
o conan edogawa/kaito kuroba
o conner macmanus/murphy macmanus
o connor/dawn summers
o cooper freedman/violet turner
o curtis/darren nichols
o dale cooper/albert rosenfield
o dale cooper/benton fraser
o daniel jackson/cameron mitchell
o daniel jackson/jack o'neill
o daniel jackson/sha're
o dan jarvis/duck macdonald
o danny concannon/cj cregg
o daphne (jerry)/osgood fielding III
o darian/sheila mccarthy
o darren nichols/geoffrey tennant
o david archuleta/david cook
o david archuleta/ofc
o david cook/faith
o david cook/ofc
o david hewlett/john sheppard
o david hewlett/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o dean forrester/clay macgyver
o dean winchester/ofc
o dean winchester/omc
o dean winchester/others
o dean winchester/sam winchester
o dean winchester/sam winchester/ofc
o deep throat/henry kissinger
o deidara/sakura haruno
o derek morgan/spencer reid
o derek reese/cameron phillips
o dick grayson (robin/nightwing/batman)/aliki marceau (double dare)/margot marceau (double dare)
o dillon/ziggy grover
o dio eraclea/lucciola
o doctor/ianto jones
o doctor/jack harkness
o doctor/jack harkness/ianto jones
o doctor/jack harkness/rose tyler
o doctor/jamie mccrimmon
o doctor/lucy saxon
o doctor/martha jones
o doctor/master
o doctor/ofc
o doctor/romana
o doctor/rose tyler
o doctor/tardis
o dominic monaghan/ron weasley
o don eppes/colby granger
o draco malfoy/blaise zabini
o draco malfoy/harry potter
o draco malfoy/luna lovegood
o draco malfoy/theo nott/blaise zabini
o drake parker/crazy steve
o drake parker/trevor
o drusilla/faith
o duck macdonald/daniel 'oz' osborne
o duck macdonald/omc
o duncan macleod/methos
o duncan macleod/omc
o duo maxwell/heero yuy
o dwayne/frank ginsberg
o easter/horus
o eclipse/raenef v
o ed green/jack mccoy
o edmund exley/bud white
o edmund pevensie/peter pevensie
o edward cullen/bella swan
o edward cullen/jasper hale
o edward cullen/rosalie hale
o edward cullen/tanya denali
o edward elric/greed
o edward elric/roy mustang
o edward elric/scar
o elizabeth weir/radek zelenka
o elle bishop/sylar
o ellen fanshaw/geoffrey tennant
o ellen fanshaw/oliver welles
o emily clearwater/sam uley
o emmett/julian lodge
o enkidu/gilgamesh
o ennis del mar/jack twist
o enrique/carlos javier
o eowyn/faramir
o eragon/murtagh
o erestor/glorfindel
o erica hahn/callie torres
o erica hahn/sydney heron
o eric blonowitz/craig ramirez
o eric byrnes/conor jackson
o eric chavez/barry zito
o eric delko/ryan wolfe
o eric foreman/gregory house
o estelle cole/jack harkness
o eugene bates/teyla emmagan
o evan lorne/john sheppard
o evan lorne/parrish
o evan lorne/radek zelenka
o evan lorne/rodney mckay/parrish/john sheppard
o eve/wall-e
o everyone; dissidia/cloud strife
o faith/buffy summers
o fandom/livejournal
o fernand de morcerf/mercédès de morcerf
o fiona glenanne/michael westen
o fox mulder/walter skinner
o francisco d'anconia/hank rearden
o frank hurley/ernest shackleton
o frank iero/gerard way
o frank iero/jamia nestor iero
o frannie vecchio/omc
o franz d'epinay/albert de morcerf
o frodo baggins/sam gamgee
o fujimiya aya/kudou yohji
o fuu/sara
o g'kar/londo mollari
o gabriel/sam winchester
o gabrielle/xena
o gene hunt/sam tyler
o genjyo sanzo/son goku
o geoffrey chaucer/wat falhurst
o geoffrey tennant/oliver welles
o george darling/captain hook
o germany/north italy
o gimli/legolas
o ginny weasley/percy weasley
o gordon walker/dean winchester
o gregor vorbarra/miles vorkosigan
o gregory house/james wilson
o gregory house/omc
o gregory house/robert chase
o gregory house/sam winchester
o greg sanders/nick stokes
o guinevere 'gwen'/arthur pendragon
o guinevere 'gwen'/lancelot
o guinevere 'gwen'/morgana le fay
o guinevere 'gwen'/morgana le fay/merlin/arthur pendragon
o gus knickel/unspecified
o gwen cooper/ianto jones
o gwen cooper/rhys williams
o hades/persephone
o hand/jack harkness
o harry dresden/johnny marcone
o harry potter/ginny weasley
o harry potter/omc
o harry potter/ron weasley
o harry potter/severus snape
o harry potter/tom riddle
o haruka/kantarou ichinomiya
o hatsuharu sohma/isuzu 'rin' sohma
o hatsuharu sohma/yuki sohma
o havelock vetinari/samuel vimes
o hayato gokudera/takeshi yamamoto
o helena campbell/unvalentine
o hermione granger/bellatrix lestrange
o hermione granger/draco malfoy
o hermione granger/harry potter/ron weasley
o hermione granger/ron weasley
o hermione granger/severus snape
o hiei/shinobu sensui
o hoban 'wash' washburne/zoe alleyne washburne
o horatio hornblower/archie kennedy
o howie dorough/joey fatone/chris kirkpatrick
o howie dorough/lamp
o hugh dillon/callum keith rennie
o ianto jones/master
o illyria/laric
o irvine kinneas/selphie tilmitt
o ivan vorpatril/byerly vorrutyer
o jack aubrey/stephen maturin
o jack bourdain/steven daedalus
o jack bristow/bridget jones
o jack carter/nathan stark
o jack harkness/ianto jones
o jack harkness/jack harkness
o jack harkness/jack sparrow
o jack harkness/master
o jack harkness/methos
o jack harkness/omc
o jack harkness/rose tyler
o jack harkness/tardis
o jack o'neill/teal'c
o jack rudolph/jordan mcdeere
o jack sparrow/elizabeth turner/will turner
o jacob black/bella swan
o jacob black/jasper hale
o jacob black/leah clearwater
o jacob black/renesmee 'nessie' cullen
o jaina solo/zekk
o james bond/m
o james kirk/hikaru sulu
o james kirk/leonard 'bones' mccoy
o james kirk/others
o james kirk/spock
o james kirk/spock/nyota uhura
o james kirk/spock prime
o james norrington/elizabeth swann/will turner
o james potter/severus snape
o james wilson/amber volakis
o james wilson/omc
o jamie hyneman/adam savage
o jane smith/john smith
o janice parkman/matt parkman
o jareth/toby
o jasper hale/bella swan
o jax teller/dean winchester
o jayne cobb/mal reynolds
o jazz/prowl
o jc chasez/chris kirkpatrick
o jc chasez/justin timberlake
o jean havoc/roy mustang
o jennifer keller/rodney mckay
o jensen ackles/danneel harris
o jensen ackles/danneel harris/jared padalecki
o jensen ackles/jared padalecki
o jensen ackles/jeffrey dean morgan
o jensen ackles/jeffrey dean morgan/jared padalecki
o jensen ackles/kyle gallner
o jensen ackles/misha collins
o jensen ackles/misha collins/jared padalecki
o jensen ackles/steve carlson/christian kane/jared padalecki
o jeremy goodwin/natalie hurley
o jesminder 'jess' bhamra/juliette 'jules' paxton
o jess moore/dean winchester
o jess moore/sam winchester
o jim beaver/jeffrey dean morgan
o jim ellison/blair sandburg
o jim ellison/omc
o joe dick/billy tallent
o joe flanigan/david hewlett
o joe jonas/nick jonas
o jo harvelle/dean winchester
o john bender/brian johnson
o john carter/walter skinner
o john connor/cameron phillips
o john crichton/dominar rygel xvi
o john crichton/gilina renaez
o john crichton/ka d'argo
o john crichton/pa'u zotoh zhaan
o john doggett/walter skinner
o john mitchell/george sands
o johnny c/jonathan teatime
o john sheppard/elizabeth weir
o john sheppard/ofc
o john sheppard/omc
o john winchester/mary winchester
o jonathan archer/charles 'trip' tucker
o jonathan kent/martha kent
o jordan collier/shawn farrell
o josh/metis
o josh lyman/donna moss
o josh nichols/crazy steve
o josh nichols/drake parker
o julian bashir/elim garak
o julian lodge/rodney mckay
o julian lodge/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o juliet capulet/romeo montague
o kakashi hatake/iruka umino
o kalifa/dracule mihawk
o kara 'starbuck' thrace/dean winchester
o kara 'starbuck' thrace/leoben conoy
o kara 'starbuck' thrace/sharon 'boomer' valerii
o katie bell/draco malfoy
o katie brown/rodney mckay
o katy allen/kris allen
o kavanagh/guy montag
o kaylee frye/mal reynolds
o kaylee frye/ray kowalski
o keita furuya/max changmin
o ken hidaka/omi tsukiyono
o kenneth 'hutch' hutchinson/david starsky
o kerr avon/anna grant
o kid curry/hannibal heyes
o kid curry/helen
o kikumaru eiji/oichi shuichiro
o kira/l
o kitt/michael knight
o klaus heinz von dem eberbach/dorian 'eroica' earl of red gloria
o koschei/theta
o kris allen/adam lambert
o kurama/yukina
o kyp durron/jacen solo
o l/light yagami
o lance bass/chris kirkpatrick
o lance bass/howie dorough
o lance bass/jc chasez
o laura cadman/john sheppard
o laura cadman/rodney mckay
o laura cadman/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o laura roslin/tom zarek
o leah clearwater/sam uley
o lee 'apollo' adama/samuel anders
o lee brackett/blair sandburg
o leonardo/raphael
o leroy jethro gibbs/abby sciuto
o leroy jethro gibbs/jenny shepard
o lewis nixon/dick winters
o lex luthor/dean winchester
o lex luthor/peter parker
o lex luthor/tony stark/bruce wayne
o lilah morgan/river tam
o lilah morgan/wesley wyndam-pryce
o lilly kane/cindy 'mac' mckenzie/veronica mars
o lily evans/james potter
o linda/matt/mello
o lindsey mcdonald/dean winchester
o lisa cuddy/gregory house
o lisa cuddy/gregory house/james wilson
o lisa hallett/ianto jones
o logan cale/alec mcdowell
o logan cale/max guevara
o lucifer!sam winchester/dean winchester
o lucifer/sam winchester
o lucius malfoy/severus snape
o lucy pevensie/mr tumnus
o luke campbell/sylar
o lynn spears/justin timberlake
o machi kuragi/yuki sohma
o mac macartney/guy secretan
o madison/sam winchester
o mal reynolds/dean winchester
o mal reynolds/inara serra
o mal reynolds/river tam
o mal reynolds/simon tam
o marc antony/cicero
o margrethe bohr/niels bohr
o mark cohen/roger davis
o mark mulder/barry zito
o marvin/trillian
o master/lucy saxon
o master/rose tyler
o matt/mello
o matt farrell/john mcclane
o matt giraud/adam lambert
o matt parkman/mohinder suresh
o maurice hall/alec scudder
o max guevara/alec mcdowell
o meg masters/dean winchester/sam winchester
o melvin 'boots' o'neal/bruno walton
o mercutio/romeo montague
o merlin/arthur pendragon
o michael bluth/lisa miller
o michael rosenbaum/tom welling
o michael vaughn/eric weiss
o mike logan/ben stone
o mikey way/pete wentz
o miles edgeworth/phoenix wright
o mindee/kitty pryde
o mindy/josh nichols
o misha collins/michael rosenbaum
o monkey d. luffy/usopp
o morgana le fay/arthur pendragon
o mystique/nightcrawler
o naomi campbell/emily fitch
o natalie hurley/dan rydell
o natasha vorkosigan-vorbarra/ofc
o nathan petrelli/peter petrelli
o neal caffrey/june
o neo/trinity
o nicholas angel/danny butterman
o nick carter/brian littrell
o nick carter/jc chasez
o nick carter/kevin richardson
o niels bohr/werner heisenberg
o noah bennet/zach
o nymphadora tonks/charlie weasley
o obi-wan kenobi/anakin skywalker
o ootori kyouya/suou tamaki
o orlando bloom/elijah wood
o orlando bloom/viggo mortensen
o orsino/viola
o owen harper/daffyd thomas
o parker/eliot spencer
o parrish/john sheppard
o patrick/john sheppard
o patrick stump/gerard way
o patrick stump/pete wentz
o pavel chekhov/river tam
o perry cox/john 'jd' dorian
o peter grodin/radek zelenka
o peter kingdom/charles prentiss
o peter parker (spider-man)/johnny storm (human torch)
o peter parker (spider-man)/johnny storm (human torch)/mary jane watson
o peter pevensie/susan pevensie
o quatre raberba winner/omc
o quil ateara/claire clearwater
o randy disher/leland stottlemeyer
o ray kowalski/ofc
o ray kowalski/omc
o ray kowalski/ray vecchio
o ray kowalski/stella kowalski
o reginald jeeves/bertie wooster
o reginald jeeves/rocky todd/bertie wooster
o regulus black/lucius malfoy
o remus lupin/nymphadora tonks
o remus lupin/severus snape
o reno/rude
o richard dean anderson/christopher judge/michael shanks/amanda tapping
o rich harden/barry zito
o rich harden/dan haren
o rich harden/mark mulder
o rilian/eustace scrubb
o river tam/joss whedon/wisdomeagle
o river tam/simon tam
o riza hawkeye/roy mustang
o robert chase/dean winchester
o robert chase/eric foreman
o robert chase/gregory house/james wilson
o rocky todd/bertie wooster
o rodney mckay/darren nichols/geoffrey tennant
o rodney mckay/john sheppard
o rodney mckay/ofc
o rodney mckay/omc
o rodney mckay/radek zelenka
o rodney mckay/river tam
o ronon dex/elizabeth weir
o ronon dex/jennifer keller
o ronon dex/john sheppard
o ronon dex/radek zelenka
o ronon dex/rodney mckay
o ronon dex/teyla emmagan
o ronon dex/teyla emmagan/rodney mckay
o ronon dex/teyla emmagan/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o roy mustang/ofc
o ruby/dean winchester
o ruby/sam winchester
o rudy miller/mike webster
o rupert giles/buffy summers
o rupert giles/dawn summers
o rupert giles/ethan rayne/buffy summers
o rupert giles/wesley wyndam-price
o ryan ross/spencer smith
o ryan ross/spencer smith/brendon urie/jon walker
o ryland blackinton/alex suarez
o samantha 'sam' carter/daniel jackson
o samantha 'sam' carter/daniel jackson/jack o'neill
o samantha 'sam' carter/daniel jackson/jack o'neill/teal'c
o samantha 'sam' carter/jack o'neill
o samantha 'sam' carter/rodney mckay
o samantha 'sam' carter/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o sam axe/michael westen
o sam seaborn/toby ziegler
o sam winchester/ofc
o sam winchester/omc
o sandy mccoy/gabe tigerman
o sanji/roronoa zoro
o sarah connor/derek reese
o sarah gardner/daniel jackson
o sawada shin/yamaguchi kumiko
o scorpius malfoy/rose weasley
o sean bean/orlando bloom
o sebastian michaelis/ciel phantomhive
o seeley booth/temperance 'bones' brennan
o seifer almasy/tifa lockhart
o seishirou sakurazuka/subaru sumeragi
o seth clearwater/bella swan
o severus snape/bill weasley
o severus snape/charlie weasley
o sha gojyo/cho hakkai
o shawn farrell/isabelle tyler
o sheldon cooper/penny
o sherlock holmes/john watson
o shinichi kudo/ran mouri
o shizuka dōmeki/kimihiro watanuki
o sirius black/hermione granger
o sirius black/remus lupin
o sokka/toph
o sophia bush/chad michael murray
o spencer smith/brendon urie
o spike/buffy summers
o stephen drew/chris snyder
o steve carlson/christian kane
o sydney bristow/lauren reed/nadia santos
o teyla emmagan/aidan ford
o teyla emmagan/evan lorne
o teyla emmagan/john sheppard
o teyla emmagan/kate heightmeyer
o teyla emmagan/rodney mckay
o teyla emmagan/rodney mckay/john sheppard
o thursday next/landen parke-laine
o tim bisley/daisy steiner
o tim mcgee/abby sciuto
o tony dinozzo/abby sciuto
o tony dinozzo/leroy jethro gibbs
o tony dinozzo/timothy mcgee
o toph bei fong/sokka
o tory foster/laura roslin
o trowa barton/heero yuy
o trowa barton/quatre raberba winner
o troy bolton/ryan evans
o tyra colette/dean winchester
o u-know yunho/hero jaejoong
o vasha vorkosigan-vorbarra/ofc
o victor/michael westen
o victor henricksen/dean winchester
o vince chase/eric murphy
o warrick brown/gil grissom
o wax lion/brass monkey
o wednesday addams/joel glicker
o william adama/laura roslin
o william adama/saul tigh
o william bell/walter bishop
o william bodie/george cowley
o william bodie/raymond doyle
o wyatt cain/glitch
o xander harris/spike
o yako katsuragi/neuro nōgami
o yūya higuchi/yako katsuragi
o zach addy/seeley booth
o ziva david/abby sciuto
o ziva david/abby sciuto/jenny shepard
o ziva david/clayton webb
o ziva david/jenny shepard
o ziva david/tony dinozzo
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