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Podfics: Geniuses extras (Foxtrot/Calvin & Hobbes, Jason/Calvin)

Fanfic Title: Geniuses extras
Fanfic Author: Maderr (maderr)
Read by: Twilight (twilight_angel)
Fandom: Foxtrot/Calvin & Hobbes
Pairing: Jason/Calvin
Rating: PG, except last one is R
Format: mp3
Length: Each is between 2:30 minutes and 6:30 minutes. Overall: approx. 49 minutes.
Summary: Extra side-stories from the main story Geniuses (podfic and audiobook). Stories are:
Sports Expert
Movie Night
Lab Time
Gum Code
Devoted Fan
Spaceman Spiff

Sendspace link (temporary): All eleven extras zipped together here.
Permanent link: Courtesy of general_jinjur, right over here. Thanks!

Audiobook: The original Geniuses audiobook now contains the extras as well. Thanks, cybel!

Points: 5 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 16. 16 x 11 = 176.

Please enjoy!

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Tags: archived, fandom:calvin & hobbes, reader:twilight
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