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Dobbel morro (Double the Fun)

Title: Dobbel morro (Double the Fun)
NB: Read in Norwegian.
Format: Length 8:52. Zipped Mp3: 8.1 Mb. (Click the title to download from jinjurly.com.)
English text version: http://eve-n-furter.livejournal.com/9082.html  (Very much betaed: oh joy!)
Author and reader: eve_n_furter 
Fandom: The Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood): the book series by Charlaine Harris.
Disclaimer: The story is entirely fictional, with no bearings on the original books, characters or actual people or events.
Pairing:‭ ‬Bill‭ Compton(‬/Sookie Stackhouse‭)‬/Eric‭ Northman
Type:‭ ‬Slashfic, ‬between-the-scenes PWP.‭ ‬Ca 1200‭ ‬words.
Warnings:‭ ‬Adult rating/NC-17.‭ ‬Implied violence,‭ ‬vampirism,‭ ‬consensual sex. Spoilers for "Living Dead in Dallas" (book two).‭
Summary:‭ ‬"The surge of fear and adrenaline in the air,‭ ‬the maenad's intoxicating powers,‭ ‬the overwhelming smell of blood and madness makes both vampires want to sink their teeth into Sookie's glowing skin and suck till she's dry.‭ ‬The alternative Eric offers is better."
Banner: Double the Fun

Thanks, general_jinjur for hosting the file and maintaining the podfic archive, and to pandarus for getting me started! \o/ 

5+10+1+5+5+5+5 = 36 pts

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Tags: archived, fandom:true blood/sookiestackhouse books, language:other than english, reader:eve_n_furter
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