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Podfic: "Moving On" (Smallville/JLA, Clark/Lex)

Fanfic Title: Moving On
Fanfic Author: Astolat (astolat)
Read by: Twilight (twilight_angel)
Fandom: Smallville, Justice League
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor/Maxima
Rating: R
Format: mp3
Length: Part One: 1:08:49 (33 MB); Part Two: 1:09:48 (33.5 MB)
Link to Fanfic: Read the text here.
Summary: What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer. (AKA: Lex conquers the galaxy, in STYLE.)

Reader's Note: It's been awhile since I've watched any Justice League, so forgive me if someone's voice is off or I've mispronounced something. I tried to look things up the best I could. Also, do check out the Lex Luthor Paper Dolls made by Mutecornett, linked at the beginning of the story!

Sendspace link (temporary): Two mp3 files zipped here.
Permanent link: Courtesy of general_jinjur, over here. Thanks!

Points: 5 + 1 + 21 + (3 + 3) + (3 + 5) = 41

Please enjoy!

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