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Oops by tinypinkmouse

Title: Oops, Swedish, Finnish
Author: tinypinkmouse
Reader: tinypinkmouse
Fandom: Blood Ties
Pairing: Mike Celluci/Henry Fitzroy
Rating: G
Format: mp3
Summary: It certainly wasn't Mike's fault.
Notes: Because somehow this felt like a good idea at the time. Go figure.

Downloads via sendspace.

English, 2m 16s, 1.30MB
Swedish, 2m 29s, 1.43MB
Finnish, 2m 30s, 1.43MB

According to some people I have a weird accent in all three. :) So since this is a very, very short fic I did an impromptu reading/translation to my regional dialect of Swedish, which would be what I'm most comfortable speaking. Of course it isn't quite natural since I'm still reading a fic, but at least it's pretty close. That being said:

The same in my idiolect, 2m 23s, 1.36MB
Tags: archived, language:other than english, reader:tinypinkmouse
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