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3 Leverage podfics: parts 3-5 of the Odd Jobs series

For help_haiti, lunate8 asked for me to finish the Odd Jobs series/Week Off sub-series by emeraldwoman and brown_betty! (yes, I am slow. very, very slow. /o\)

For those who are interested here are the first two parts, originally posted during Amplificathon 2009:

The Underwire Job | mp3 (25.6 MB) | 28:04
The Cat-Burglar Job | mp3 (64.1 MB) | 1:10:04
Odd Jobs 1-2 anthology | m4b (47.2 MB) | 1:38:08

And here are the rest!:

House Rules | mp3 (6.44 MB) | 7:02
Hardison's Week Off | mp3 (20.7 MB) | 22:38
Parker's Week Off | mp3 (22.7 MB) | 24:48

All five podfics will be released together in audiobook format later, I just haven't quite organized that part yet, ha.

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