chemm80 (chemm80) wrote in amplificathon,

Podfic: Something of Forever by Wastetheyears

Title: Something of Forever
Author: wastetheyears
Reader: chemm80
Genre, Warnings, Pairings: Supernatural RPF AU, Jared/Jensen, NC-17
Author Summary: Fresh out of high school, Jensen and Jared have the world at their fingertips. Young and in love, they look ahead to college with a love so strong it's etched into their skin. Soon, however, their world is turned upside down with an accident that leaves Jared in a deep coma and Jensen forced to move on without him. Months later the impossible happens, and Jensen is left to choose between the life he has built for himself and the life he had.

Length: 2:48:17
Link: mp3

Points = 5+1+21+3+3 = 33 Total Points
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:chemm80
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