painted_pain (painted_pain) wrote in amplificathon,

Call Me By His Name by sinuous_curve

Title: Call Me By His Name
Author: sinuous_curve
Reader: painted_pain
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: NC17
Length: 24:58 mins (22.86 MB)

text: here
mp3: here @ megaupload [the mix-up in mp3 links has been fixed]

In regards to certain tags, I have no idea if this is a new fandom or not. I've seen the X-Men tag, but I don't know if that's for X-Men in general or if I can include First Class in the tag. Basically, I'm not sure how to tag it.
Tags: archived, fandom:x-men (& rpf), reader:painted_pain
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