Maggie (teas_me) wrote in amplificathon,

[Harry Potter Podfic] Wayward Owls and Pub Hunts by dysonrules, read by ladydeth12

Title: Wayward Owls and Pub Hunts
Author: dysonrules
Reader: teas_me
Cheerleader, Beta, & Sanity Maintainer: fire_juggler
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Author's Rating: NC-17
Author's Warnings: none
Author's Summary: When Pigwidgeon develops a crush on Draco Malfoy's owl, it's up to Harry to retrieve the lovelorn animal. Again. Harry should probably do something about keeping Pig contained...
Cover Art Image: ile_o (graphics), teas_me (text)
Length: 52 m
Link to Text: here
Temporary Links to Audio Format:
** mp3 format: (52 m, 47.51 mb)
** m4b (audiobook) format: (52 m, 24.19 mb)
Permanent Links to Audiofic Archive: *coming soon*
Tags: archived, fandom:harry potter, reader:teas_me

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