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3 Inception podfics

Crossposting this belated announcement from the Dth comm: three podfics I recorded somewhat recently. :))

Valid for all three:
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: Explicit


Story: Pants on Fire
Author: helenish
Duration: 1h58mn
Size & Format: 67MB mp3

download it from MediaFire

This story marks the first time I have cried not only while reading/recording but also while *editing* podfic (several times even). Helenish is magic; I can't explain it. I love it.


Story: Breaking and Entering
Author: resonant8
Duration: 54mn
Size & Format: 25MB mp3

download it from MediaFire

Xenakis did beta-duty on this, and I'm very grateful. All remaining hiccups are mine.


Story: For your entertainment
Author: v_greyson
Duration: 28mn
Size & Format: 19MB mp3

download it from MediaFire

I hope you enjoy them :D
Tags: archived, fandom:inception & rpf, reader:anatsuno

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