Susan Voight (susan_voight) wrote in amplificathon,
Susan Voight

Castle (the rules by which we live) (Merlin (BBC))

Story: Castle (the rules by which we live) (LJ, AO3) by kick_flaw

Reader: susan_voight

Fandom: Merlin (BBC)

Author's summary: Merlin knows that getting off fastest when he's got some BDSM porno playing loud on the computer doesn't mean he'd really like to be that bloke, gagged and bent over and bound. Right?

Content notes: Arthur/Merlin; Morgana/Will. Author's rating and notes: NC-17. Modern!AU. Brief mentions of rape (in the context of rape-fantasy), BDSM and all that entails, including D/s relationships, knifeplay, bondage, painplay, orgasm denial and so on. Please do not read this fic if anything related to BDSM or self-shame squicks or triggers you.

Download or Stream: at the Archive of Our Own (to reduce time spent fighting linkrot). If AO3 is down, check out my reader page at the audiofic archive or my Google Drive.

Reader's note: I appreciate the emotional and psychological focus of this story and how, though it sticks to Merlin's point of view, it still shows Arthur's feelings. This story also owes the most to [community profile] kink_bingo, without which prompt I probably wouldn't have tried to record this, and without which deadline I certainly wouldn't have made it through an unusually difficult editing process. (Thanks to people at [community profile] kb_cafe and merlinbbc for help with details.)

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than kinky hot self-discovery.

Please note: shortly before this was finished, I discovered that it had already been recorded for podficbigbang. I was mortified to find this out and intended absolutely no slight to the team behind the first recording.

Also posted to [community profile] amplificathon, merlinpodfic, and AO3.
Tags: archived, fandom:merlin (bbc), reader:susan_voight
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