podcath (podcath) wrote in amplificathon,

X-Men Podfic: The Winter of Banked Fires by Yahtzee, read by various

winter of banked fires podcover

Author: yahtzee
Title: The Winter of Banked Fires
Readers: podcath, crinklysolution, luzula, helens78, heyiya, rhea314, and reena_jenkins
Fandom: X-Men movies, X-Men: First Class
Pairings:Erik/Charles, Marie/Logan, Raven/Hank
Length: 7:50:45
Music: Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Downloads: M4B (439.57 MB) - MP3 (417.94 MB)

Summary: Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own --

Also posted to amplificathon.dreamwidth.org
Tags: archived, fandom:x-men (& rpf), reader:cath, reader:crinklysolution, reader:helens78, reader:heyiya, reader:luzula, reader:reena_jenkins, reader:rhea314
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