Jen (nikojen) wrote in amplificathon,

Something Unexpected, by Lady Bast

Title: Something Unexpected
Author:  vr2lbast
Reader: nikojen

Fandom:  Weiss Kreuz/Side B
Pairing:  Aya/Ken
Rating: General Audiences
Length:    23:19

Summary: Aya fears that Ken is sinking back into despair after his confrontation with Jonathan O'Brien and tries to distract him from his thoughts, but ends up learning something about himself instead.

Mediafire Links:     MP3 (10.58 MB)    M4B (10.54 MB)
Streamable:  On Box.Net

Notes: Posting for pod_aware week.  Cross-posting to several pertinent Weiss Kreuz comms.   Many thanks to Lady Bast for permission to record and for the story, in general.  *cuddles fic*  :)

Tags: archived, fandom:weiß kreuz, reader:nikojen
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