crinklysolution (crinklysolution) wrote in amplificathon,

(due South) Homeward Bound by pir8fancier, read by crinklysolution

Title:  Homeward Bound
Written by:  pir8fancier
Read by:  crinklysolution
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray K/Ray V/Fraser
Rating:  NC-17
Length:  2:08:45
Download from mediafire:  mp3, m4b

Reader’s notes:  This podfic has been very greatly improved by the excellent beta work provided by izzady , betaing a podfic for the first time ever, no less!    The finished product is just so much better than my original version, I can’t thank her enough…  In a way, this podfic is all her fault, because I heard her recording of another pir8fancier story, A Year (More or Less) in the Life, and it is so damn good that I cannot evict it from my Ipod.  This is my first due South podfic, and I may be way late in arriving, but I finally understand why people love this fandom so much – it is very loveable. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it. 
Tags: archived, fandom:due south, reader:crinklysolution
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