crinklysolution (crinklysolution) wrote in amplificathon,

(due South) Homeward Bound by pir8fancier, read by crinklysolution

Title:  Homeward Bound
Written by:  pir8fancier
Read by:  crinklysolution
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray K/Ray V/Fraser
Rating:  NC-17
Length:  2:08:45
Download from mediafire:  mp3, m4b

Reader’s notes:  This podfic has been very greatly improved by the excellent beta work provided by izzady , betaing a podfic for the first time ever, no less!    The finished product is just so much better than my original version, I can’t thank her enough…  In a way, this podfic is all her fault, because I heard her recording of another pir8fancier story, A Year (More or Less) in the Life, and it is so damn good that I cannot evict it from my Ipod.  This is my first due South podfic, and I may be way late in arriving, but I finally understand why people love this fandom so much – it is very loveable. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it. 
Tags: archived, fandom:due south, reader:crinklysolution
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Awesome! Homeward Bound is one of my favorite due South stories ever!
I am so hoping it lives up to your expectations!
Woohoo! I am so looking forward to this! I may not listen to it right away--I have a tendency to save up things I look forward to--but I will definitely feedback when I've listened.
Great! Because I definitely had you in mind when I posted this - just my way of giving back for all the great dS podfic you've created and that I've listened to.
I haven't watched very many episodes of Due South, but I do like listening to Due South podfics every once in a while, and I'm glad I decided to give this one a shot! I'd never even considered Ray K/Ray V/Fraser, but your narration of Ray V's PoV totally convinced me of the pairing (er, threesome, rather!). I really enjoyed listening to your recording of this fic!
Aww, thanks! Your comment really made my day. I got some great beta help from izzady, but yours is the first comment back on the podfic since I posted it, and it is SO nice to hear! Thanks for taking the time to come back around and let me know....
I rarely read Due South fics, so thank you for recording this fic because it would have otherwise slipped my notice! I know I personally love getting feedback, so I'm trying to step-up my game and go back to podfic posts to let the podficcer know that I've enjoyed their recording! :>
I am halfway through this and loving it! Hee, the stuff about the Swedish car cracks me up. Be back later with more feedback. : )

(Also, I always thought colander was pronounced col-AND-er. Huh, guess not...)
That's great! I was so hoping you'd like it!
Okay, I am done. And I loved it! I'm trying to think of specific feedback to give, but the thing is, I was so immersed in the podfic that I didn't notice specific things about the reading? Which was a good thing! Basically I want ALL the due South podfic from you, because you are awesome at it. : )

Also, Kowalski is soooo sexy in this story. I want to dance with him. *drools*
Hey, I love your feedback, and that's kind of what I strive for, that the podfic gets you so into the story you're not really noticing how it is done. But I am so happy that you liked it - next up is the one you're singing on, An Admirable Solution. By the way, if you haven't had a chance to work on that, no particular rush, as I haven't yet heard back from my lovely beta izzady, so I can't quite finalize it yet...however, very curious to see how it sounds when you sing those folk songs....
Am hoping to record the songs this weekend! : )
Thank you, cybel!!!!