erica_schall (erica_schall) wrote in amplificathon,

Original fiction podfic: 'The Spell' by shuua

The Spell

Title: The Spell
Author: shuua aka radiophile
Reader: erica_schall
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: Julian/Alex
Rating: R
File info: mp3, 89.4 MB, 1:33:38 or m4b, 45.5 MB

Summary: Alex took a deep breath. "I'm sorry for bothering you at your private number. This is Alex Graham, and I'm a journalist for Modern Muse. I was hoping I'd be able to meet with you, Mr. Keys, and interview you for our upcoming November issue?"

Download: mp3 or m4b at mediafire
Stream: The Spell at

Tags: archived, fandom:original fiction, reader:erica_schall

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