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MCR Podfic Masterlist breaks 100 hours! (And has a new link, b/c I am an idiot)

As some people may know, I keep master lists of all My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco podfic that I find (which is pretty comprehensive, since I keep an eye on lots of places). I'm making this post because two things happened this morning:

1. We officially have over 100 hours of MCR podfic! It's a really awesome milestone, and I'm excited, and at some point if I have time, I will meta about the factors that I think contributed to this growing from a tiny fandom for podfic to one of significant size. (Spoiler alert: I think blanket permission conversations and the bandom voice meme were some recent big factors)

2. In my excitement, I accidentally... deleted the post where I kept the MCR master list. So if you follow a link and it says the entry is gone, do not fret. It's reposted here.
Tags: fandom:bandom, info:community & other promos

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