Jess (kalakirya) wrote in amplificathon,

SPN: Follow me Down; Deadspace

Title: Follow Me Down
Author: entangled_now
Reader: kalakirya 
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17 (mate-or-die scenario; slight magical influence)
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Length: 30 minutes
Author's Summary: "Are you actually worried about me? That's kind of funny, and no doubt something I'll mock you for endlessly later."
text on LJ
Download Link at the audioficarchive

Title: Dead Space (sequel to Follow me Down)
Author: entangled_now
Reader: kalakirya 
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Length: 43 minutes
Author's Summary: He thinks he can feel Castiel staring a hole into the back of his head.
text on LJ
Download Link at the audioficarchive

both as a podbood at the audioficarchive
Why am I recording so much for this pairing? I have no idea, I just can't seem to not record them! argh.
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:kalakirya

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