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Because Couple Drama Leaves No Room for Friendship [Glee]

Podfic: Because Couple Drama Leaves No Room for Friendship (alternate link)
Author: lily_m_richards

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: T (PG13?) 
Author's Summary: Glee Fluff!Meme Fill :D Post prom, New Directions and Blaine take Kurt out for Ice Cream.
Warnings: None
File Info: MP3, ~5.4 mb, ~23 min
Temporary Link: Sendspace, Mediafire
Permanent Link: pending... (feel free to archive, mods!)
X-Posted to: personal lj, gleepodfic, tumblr, kurt-blaine

reader ramblings notes: please comment and let me know if this link goes down or you need a different host; i'll be more than happy to fix it, no matter how long after posting. feel free to con/crit! also! i'm looking for the next fic to do, so i'd also love comments with suggestions. looking for kurt-centric glee fics that are rated low (non-explicit), and short-to-moderate length (less than 10,000 words, plz).

Tags: archived, fandom:glee, reader:marsmaywander

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