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Fashionably Late Award and (another!) Lindworm Award winners: escherzo and Laurie!

Posting your first podfic to the 'thon during the last week of the challenge earns you the Fashionably Late Award! This year our winner is escherzo who popped in, took a look around, and joined us fashionably late!

escherzo declined to provide a list of things he'd like podficced, but we do have a shiny graphic for him!

made by cybel

We also have a second Lindworm Award winner (because this mod fails at copypasta D:)! We are calling laurie_ky and alchemynerd co-winners of the award for the single longest podfic, with Laurie having a slightly longer podfic than our first-posted winner with an amazing 12 hours, 36 minutes and 25 seconds!

Laurie didn't post a podfic request initially so we don't have a podfic for her, but I'm going to link to her request just in case anyone is interested in the stories she requested or has them in their podfic queue already:


She's been kind and understanding about this mistake. Thanks Laurie! Sorry this took so long to post.

Her graphic!

made by cybel
Tags: gifts:prizes, post:mod

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