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5 Times Dean Thought About That Kiss - SPN

Story:  5 Times Dean Thought About That Kiss (The Freebird All-Star Live Jam)
Author: NWHepcat
Reader: Liannabob
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Mature (Graphic violence)
Length: 43:25
Pairings: Dean/Cassie, Dean/Lisa, slight Dean/John
Author's Summary: There's one memory that haunts Dean. He knows it's the one screw-up that made everything else go wrong, and he can't let it go.

Reader's notes:  There's an incesty moment, but this is not at all a Dean/John fic.  It's far more an exploration Dean's damage, with angst like woah.  Seriously, we're talking angst. Like. Woah.  It's freaking delicious.

Download (mp3, Megaupload):  Here      Enjoy!  :)
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:liannabob

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