liannabob (liannabob) wrote in amplificathon,

KH Korossy - SPN "Mystery Spot" fics

Author: K Hanna Korossy
Reader:  Liannabob
Fandom:  Supernatural.
Rating:  All are PGish.  
Pairings:  None

You Slay Me: "Mystery Spot missing scene: In a loop full of the unexpected, he'd still never expected it to happen like this."
Time:  15:00
Slow Poison: "Mystery Spot missing day: The taco wasn't funny at all."
Time:  25:20
TGIF: "Mystery Spot tag: He was almost used to the idea again that Dean was alive."
Time:  19:11
In the Heat of the Moment: "Mystery Spot missing scenes: Sam was acting weird."
Time:  18:32
Wednesday's Child:  "Mystery Spot/Jus in Bello tag: Sam's different, and Dean doesn't understand why."
Time:  46:40

I have all five fics bundled up (megaupload, mp3): Here.   Enjoy!
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:liannabob

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