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Sherlock (BBC): Subliminal

Title: Subliminal
Author: cesperanza
Readers: lunate8, revolutionaryjo, and [personal profile] darkemeralds
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Relationship: Sherlock/John
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: It's as if he's got a loaded gun lying about.
Content Notes: none
Length: 17:20
Temporary link (mp3, 15.9 MB): at Mediafire
Temporary link (m4b, 14.1 MB): at Mediafire
Permanent links at audiofic archive courtesy of general_jinjur: mp3 and m4b

Notes: Many thanks to aphelant for beta-ing, and especially to [personal profile] revolutionaryjo and [personal profile] darkemeralds for collaborating with me. Their awesome performances added so much to this challenging audiofic -- I couldn't have done it without them!

This fills my podfic_bingo square of "More Articulation (for you)".

Crossposted to sherlockbbc.
Tags: archived, fandom:sherlock (bbc), reader:darkemeralds, reader:lunate8, reader:revolutionaryjo

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