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XM:FC Podfic A Very Xavier-Lehnsherr Christmas

Story:  A Very Xavier-Lehnsherr Christmas
Author: zamwessell
Reader: aaeth
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles, Alex/Hank
Rating: R

Text:A Very Xavier-Lehnsherr Christmas

Duration: 26:34
Format & size: 24.32MB mp3

Summary: Erik is discovering new things about Charles Xavier all the time. Charles sometimes talks in his sleep. Often about food. Occasionally in Latin. Charles has a scar on his left thigh from attempting to demonstrate relativity to a girl by sitting on a hot stove. Charles doesn't mean to be so loud when they make love, but sometimes Charles can’t help himself.

Charles is a voracious reader. Charles has an unspeakably filthy imagination. Charles will try anything in bed twice to make sure he wasn’t wrong the first time.
Charles is unexpectedly fond of Christmas. Perhaps that is not the phrase. “Unhealthily obsessed” might be better.

A/N: Seasonal Tidings to all! Fluff! I have no regrets. Okay, I have some regrets. 

Click to download it from Mediafire

Reader's Notes: This is my second podfic, so comments are more than welcome. Thanks so much to zamwessell for writing this and then for allowing me to record it. I hope I pronounced your name correctly!
Tags: archived, fandom:x-men (& rpf), reader:aaeth

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