Alice Alaizabel (alice_alaizabel) wrote in amplificathon,
Alice Alaizabel

Podfic: "We Three Kings"

Title: We Three Kings
Author: cosmic_medusa
Reader: alice_alaizabel
Length: 1:54:36
Warnings: Anxiety, depression, addiction
Characters/Pairings: Sam, very tame Dean/Cas
Notes: Christmas present for cosmic_medusa. First in her We Three Kings 'verse. And yes, I am planning on recording all of them. Why do I always go for the massive projects?
Summary: Cas, a doctor, falls in love with the mechanic, Dean Winchester. He understood, early on, that this meant adopting his younger brother, Sam. He didn't, however, count on all the loss that would follow the Winchesters, the addiction that would trouble Sam, or the problems his own family would following his commitment to the boys.

MP3 & M4B
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:alice_alaizabel

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