oohshinyfangirl (oohshinyfangirl) wrote in amplificathon,

Kiss Me Till You're Drunk and I'll Show You by miss_begonia

Title: Kiss Me Till You're Drunk and I'll Show You
Author: [info]miss_begonia
Reader: [info]oohshinyfangirl
Fandom/Pairing: Glee RPF/Chris/Darren
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: While this fic is completely fictional, it is partially based on spoiler-y fan accounts for the shooting of 3x05. Please consider yourself warned. Also, this is RPS: if that ain’t your thang, it ain’t no thang.
File info: mp3, 30.29 MB, 33:05

Download:  Megaupload, MediaFire
Crossposted: gleepodfic, personal lj, kurt_blaine
Notes: My very first podfic - thank you to [info]miss_begonia for writing such a fabulous story and allowing me to record it!
Tags: archived, fandom:glee rpf, reader:oohshinyfangirl

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