tinypinkmouse (tinypinkmouse) wrote in amplificathon,

five stories by me

I practice reading on my own fic, so I end up recording quite a few them. Here's some. :)

All of the stories are written by me.

A Matter of Choice | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | 00:06:34 | 6.01MB | MP3

As Always, Just You | Transformers: Beast Wars | 00:05:19 | 4.87MB | MP3

Only for a Moment | Supernatural | 00:07:39 | 7.01MB | MP3

You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It) | Supernatural | 00:15:58 | 14.62MB | MP3

Tänne jään (Finnish) | Flash Gordon (2007) | 00:02:28 | 2.26MB | MP3
Tags: archived, fandom:star wars franchise, fandom:supernatural, fandom:transformers, language:other than english, reader:tinypinkmouse

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