that's unfortunate (fishpatrol) wrote in amplificathon,
that's unfortunate

Two Community Podfics

Title: Fundamentals of Chemistry by fearlessfan
Readers: cantarina1 & fishpatrol
Pairing: Annie/Troy
Author's Summary: "What's up with Annie lately?" Troy asks. It's been on his mind for a few days now, this something-different-about-Annie, and it seems worth the risk of asking the group as a whole.
Length: 35:36, 20.5MB

Link: Download @ cantapodpatrol


Title: Fitter, Happier, More Productive by toft
Reader: fishpatrol
Pairing: Troy/Abed
Author's Summary: Britta decides Abed and Troy should be honest with the group about their relationship.
Length: 25:37, 23.5MB

Link: Download @ cantapodpatrol
Tags: archived, fandom:community, reader:cantarina1, reader:fishpatrol

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