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Podfic Completed! Chav!fic Sequel: "When Life Sucks, Put On Some Glitter."

I've podficced delires's sequel to the chav!fic- "When Life Sucks, Put On Some Glitter!" Here's the link:

Sendspace, 32 MB, 35 minutes

Here's the link to the fic: When Life Sucks, Put On Some Glitter

Inception, Arthur/Eames, NC-17

Officially, this was meant to be a fill for this prompt: While out at a club, Eames convinces Arthur to try poppers with him, which leads to semi-public sex. But really, the plot of this is basically just...Arthur and Eames fight and fuck and fight and fuck, but are deeply in love the entire time. IT IS SO SAPPY. :D

I'm going to be doing the rest of the series, so keep an eye out! Thanks for listening!! XD
Tags: archived, fandom:inception & rpf, reader:seussian
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