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Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II

halfamoon is running their annual celebration of female characters from now through February 14th. podklb, cantarina, bessyboo, and I would like to put together a podfic contribution to that celebration, a reprise of last year's Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology, to be posted on the 14th. Like podklb did last year, we'll collect a bunch of short lady-centric podfics by different readers in different fandoms and make them available both as individual files and as a podfic/podbook collection.

Podficcers: Interested in participating? We'd love to have you. Even though we're working with a relatively short time-frame, it should be a low-stress project, even for people who are new to podficcing, since we are only looking for short podficlets: based on stories of less than 1500 words (with many being as short as 1-2 minutes). If you'd like to record something for this anthology, please comment here or at the corresponding post on [community profile] amplificathon with your preferred method of contact (email or PM), and we'll send you the link to the spreadsheet where we'll be keeping track of all the podfics.

Here are some good places for finding short fics about female characters:
-Awesome Ladies Ficathon (LJ)
-Awesome Ladies Ficathon (DW)
-Real Women Fest
-Female Character Trope Fest
-The Bechdell Test Comment Ficathon
-The Bechdell Test Comment Ficathon II
-I am the Plot, Babe: A Villainess Ficathon
-The Women Being Awesome, Female Characters, and Female Relationships tags at the AO3, sorted by wordcount.

Everyone: Feel free to comment with links to other fests or specific works that you think would be a good fit for this anthology. Even if you're not able to make a podfic right now, maybe you can help someone else find a story they want to record.

Authors: It would be totally awesome if some authors wanted to get involved, in pod_together style, to create short female-centric pieces for the anthology in collaboration with podficcers. If you’re an author who’s interested, please comment below. Podficcers who would like this sort of collaboration, please reply directly to the authors.

Below the cut is a little more information on what we're looking for with these podfics and how they should be submitted.

For the sake of consistency within the anthology, we'd like to ask that everyone follow these guidelines for eligible fics and the metadata you include in the podfic:

-Each reader can make as many podfics as they want, but up to 10 podfics, and each story should be less than 1500 words.
-All stories should focus on characters who identify as women in canon.
-All fandoms, including rpf fandoms, are eligible.
-All recordings should begin and end with two seconds of silence.
-Each reading should begin, "[Title], by [author], read by [reader]. Fandom: [Fandom]." We also suggest including appropriate warnings or content notes for common triggers such as sexual assault and underage sex.
-Each reading should end with "The End".
-To match last year’s anthology, the meta data should follow this format:
Name: [Fandom] Title
Artist: readername (reader)
Album Artist: authorname (author)
Year: 2012
Album: Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II
Comments: Text at: http://link
Genre: Podfic
(Note that usernames should be all-lowercase, with fandom and title given title capitalization.)
-All podfics should be submitted in mp3 format by February 12th at midnight Central Standard Time (GMT-6).
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