Jem (crazybutsound) wrote in amplificathon,

PODFIC "The Cruelty-Free Sausagefests of Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe" by Jedusaur - Bandom, F/G, Mature

Title: The Cruelty-Free Sausagefests of Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe by jedusaur
Reader: crazybutsound
Fandom: Bandom (MCR, P!AtD, FOB)
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Rating: Mature
Length: 35m:30s

Reader's notes: I recorded this one less than a month after [personal profile] jedusaur posted it, so about a year ago, really. I love this fic for many reasons, and recording it was fun, but I didn't have the right equipment at the time and I was unhappy with the sound of the recording (not the reading, though). I had it all ready to upload and post, complete with a cover and everything, but I was so unhappy with the sound quality of the recording that I put it aside and promptly forgot about it. Earlier today, I found it again and decided to try and see if I could improve the sound a bit. It's as good as I can make it at this point, and I think time away from it has helped me grow fonder of this recording. It's maybe not my best work but it's not my worst either, and it's such a fun story that I don't want to hold onto it anymore. I want to share! :-) Maybe it can bring a few smiles to a few faces. :-D

Links: MP3 (32.6MB) ||| M4B (66.6MB)
Tags: archived, fandom:bandom, reader:crazybutsound
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