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The Vampire Diaries - Across Unhallowed Ground by Ghostrunner


Title: Across Unhallowed Ground
Author: ghostrunner
Reader: seanachai_reads
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries TV
Pairing: Elena/Damon/Stefan
Rating: R
Length: 01:06:06
Summary: Damon looks directly at him and either he’s been drinking much, much more than he should, or he’s trying to tell Stefan something important when he says, “It would be so much easier to just end it badly.”

Contains: Non-graphic male sibling incest.
Beta and Cover Artist: podcath, who went above and beyond to help me get this thing done.  Thank you so much, bb.  <3
Music: Ache by James Carrington, small clip of The Vampire Diaries Opening Credits.
Notes: My thanks to ghostrunner for letting me record this story.  This is my first podfic and I'm very excited to share it!  Text also at DW.  Created for amplificathon2012.

MP3: Sendspace // Audiofic Archive (zipped)
M4B: Sendspace (zipped) // Audiofic Archive (zipped)
Tags: archived, fandom:vampire diaries, reader:seanachai

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