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Avengers - Direction Series, Steve/Darcy

Title:  Direction Series
Author: Boombangbing
Reader: Liannabob
Fandom: The Avengers.  Set after the movie.
Pairing: Steve/Darcy, with some references to canon pairings.
Rating: Mature 
Length: 4 hours, 50 minutes
Summary (by Author): Steve is not ninety-four years old; he's barely twenty-seven and he has no idea what he's doing.  It's a good thing he's not the only one.

Reader's note: I love, love, love this series, in largest part because it features one of the most gratifyingly human Steves I've ever had the pleasure to read.  Because yes, he's a hero and an icon and has an angsty, angsty past... but he's still a guy, with all the normal flaws and foibles that actual guys have.  Boombangbing brings it.

And also... Darcy.

Via Mediafire:  Mp3s (266mbs) part 1 and parts 2&3 or archived here
And the M4b (133mbs) here.  or archived here
Tags: archived, fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:liannabob
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