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Another Universe, Avengers, fem!Tony

Title:  Another Universe
Author:  Quigonejinn
Reader:  Liannabob
Length:  Just over 2 hours
Pairings:  Tony/Pepper, Tony/Natasha, Tony/Jim Rhodes, Tony/Obadiah
Warnings:  Angst, underage sex, dubious consent, genderswap, violence, character death

Summary (story excerpt):  "In another universe, Tony joins the Avenger Initiative because Nick Fury challenges him to prove that he is worthy.  

The difference between that universe and this one is not gender.  There are plenty of universes where Tony presents as a woman; there are plenty of universes where a female Tony joins the Avengers because she is angry that Fury does not think she belongs, or because she comes to recognize that working on her own limits the scope of what she can do to protect Earth as a single superhero. 

This is not that universe."

Mp3 (Mediafire, 110mbs): Here  or archived here
M4b (Mediafire, 57 mbs):  Here  or archived here

Reader's note:  This story has an unusual narrative structure that was both a delight and a real challenge to podfic.  Feedback is really, really appreciated.

Tags: archived, fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:liannabob
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