Nicole A. (katie_andrew) wrote in amplificathon,
Nicole A.

[Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Spencer] Runaway Car

Title: Runaway Car
Reader: katie_andrew
Author: hermette
Fandom: Panic at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: NC-17
Time: 00:51:55 47.52MB; 00:49:17 44.9MB (without music)
Link: At my journal
Author’s Summary: Written for eledhwenlin’s Picture Perfect AU prompt on pennyplainknits Pretend Dating Fest.

Reader Notes: I really love this story and hermette, so it seemed natural that this would be my first “real” podfic. Originally I thought I would get this done in time for her birthday, but well, real life. Happy birthday anyway, dearest! <3
(Oh hey! It’s been a year since you posted the fic. Happy anniversary then. :) )
Thanks to analise010 for giving this a listen. ♥
Feel free to point out any wonkiness or make constructive criticism. I’m a total newbie at this, so I appreciate the feedback. :)
(But please, for the love of all, send it in a PM?)
Tags: archived, fandom:bandom, reader:katie_andrew
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